Metadata What is Metadata? In Information Technology, the prefix “meta” often refers to a basic or underlying description or definition. Simply put, metadata is data about data. By summarizing simple, often descriptive data information, it creates an easier path to finding and using more detailed data.

What’s in the head? Metadata in HTML - Learn web Metadata is data that describes data, and HTML has an "official" way of adding metadata to a document — the element. Of course, the other stuff we are talking about in this article could also be thought of as metadata too. What is metadata and why is it important? [2018 Metadata is a structured way to communicate information about a data set, which is used in a variety of settings with special relevance for ecommerce businesses. Metadata for SEO and social media. Metadata allows XML-based applications to categorize and contextualize pieces of data — for marketers, this data is usually a web pages. What is metadata? definition and meaning

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Metadata is used by every major device and music streaming application including smartphones, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all other major online music services. Metadata includes information like artist, genre, label, song titles, album name and track numbers. Metadata began as basic info encoded directly into the files on a CD. What is metadata

Metadata generally falls into one of three categories: technical, business and operational. Technical metadata describes properties of data that usually inform other computerized processes, such as whether the data is a string or an integer. Business metadata involves referential information about the business use of the information, such as

1. What are metadata? - Metadata Creation - Library Guides Metadata is key to the functionality of the systems holding the content, enabling users to find items of interest, record essential information about them, and share that information with others." This guide deals with metadata as it is created within a library, or more broadly, a digital collections setting.