PCQ is a pre-cooked solution for simple cases where you want to grant a fair share of bandwidth to equal "targets" (means bandwidth limitation targets) - as the manual states, "PCQ was introduced to optimize massive QoS systems, where most of the queues are exactly the same for different sub-streams.

MikroTik MTCNA Online Training by Tristar Technologies MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) online training course was designed to make students familiar with RouterOS software and RouterBoard products. After successfully completing this course, students will be able to configure, manage, troubleshoot a MikroTik … MikroTik for Beginner: My Mistake #1: Doing Double NAT Aug 04, 2012 nat | MTIN Consulting The quick answer is to use SRC-NAT if your gateway IP is static, and use masquerade if it can change. The Mikrotik Wiki Entry Firewall NAT action=masquerade is unique subversion of action=srcnat, it was designed for specific use in situations when public IP can randomly change, for example DHCP-server changes it, or PPPoE tunnel after N-Streme and Nv2 - MikroTik

Jan 19, 2020 · The specified IP address does not need to be configured on an interface on your Mikrotik device. From a security point of view, option two, Mikrotik source NAT, is preferable as it offers device protection, flexibility in choosing who uses what public IP on the internet and ensures that an IP address is not overloaded.

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firewall - What is the difference between a Source NAT

Oct 26, 2018 Mikrotik Tutorial: How to configure persistent logging