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Whether you’re an ex-UK resident who has moved to another country only to find that some of the content you’ve come to know and love – BBC iPlayer for example – is no longer available to you, ExpatShield could be the tool for you.

Customary IHL - Rule 97. Human Shields The prohibition of using human shields is contained in numerous military manuals, many of which extend the prohibition to all civilians. Using human shields constitutes a criminal offence under the legislation of many States. This practice includes that of States not, or not at the time, party to Additional Protocol I or to the Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Apr 21, 2015

This is a Scam warning for anybody using Expat Shield, not that I think it has anything to do with them actually. This morning I switched on Expat Shield to watch BBC ‘I’ Player, then logged into MCF as I usually do, I didn’t notice that the Shield was still engaged. Hi everyone, :) A great update: we've added many more servers and a lot more capacity to handle the current loads. Please give Expat Shield some hard-core test drive, and let us know what you think.