With the help of this forum I managed to circumvent that problem by setting bt.allow_same_ip to true. I do not know why, but this does no longer work. Currently I have at most one incomming connection per torrent, and I cannot find the setting "bt.allow_same_ip" under preferences/advanced anymore.

May 21, 2009 · Bt.allow_same_ip true Bt.enable_tracker true Bt.no_connect_to_services false Bt.send_have_to_seed false Dht.rate 2 Gui.bypass_search_redirect true Ipfilter.enable false Net.max_halfopen 66 Net.wsaevents 150 Peer.disconnect_inactive_interval 900 Queue_dont_count_slow_dl false Queue_dont_count_slow_ul false Rss.update_interval 20 Change bt.allow_same_ip change value from false to true. Change bt.connect_speed value from 7 to 130 by using the set value option. Change dht.rate from -1 to 2 . What the picture shows is a malicious sybil attack in action. Only made possible because the attacked client for some strange reason has bt.allow_same_ip set to true. The goal of the attacker is to get as much upload as possible by outcrowding and starve out other peers. It wastes bandwidth as the protocol overhead gets multiplied. 토렌트순위,토렌트추천,p2p사이트 모음. 토렌트 최적화 설정에 대해 알아보겠습니다. 제일 많이 이용하는 유토렌트 기준으로 최적화 설정에 대해 알려드리겠습니다. Seguidamente hacemos clic en la sección de “Avanzadas” y veremos una opción que dice “bt_allow_same_ip”. Aquí debemos verificar que efectivamente tenemos colocando un “True”. Por último, elige de una vez lo que vayas a descargar y dale clic derecho con el ratón para poder acceder a la opción donde dice “Asignar ancho de 고급설정' 에서 'bt.allow_same_ip' 를 거짓 -> 참 으로, 'rss.update_interval' 항목을 20으로 'dht.rate' 항목을 2로 변경합니다. 2017.08. 1.Alter bt.allow_same_ip change values from False to True 2.Alter the bit.connect_speed value from 7 to 130 by using the set value option 3.Alter the dht.rate from -1 to 2 4Alter gui.show_nontorrents_nodes from True to False 5.Alter net.max_halfopen from 100 to 200 6.Alter rss.update _interval from 15 to 20

bt.allow_same_ip – True bt.connect_speed – 20 bt.enable_tracker – True bt.no_connect_to_services – False bt.send_have_to_seed – False dht,rate – 2 gui.bypass_search_redirect – True gui.delete_to_trash – False ipfilter.enable – False net.outgoing_port – 50 net.wsaevents – 150 peer.disconnect_inactive_interval – 900

Change bt.allow _same_ip_change value from False to True. Change bt.connect_speed value from 7 to 130. Change dht.rate from -1 to 2. Change gui.show_nontorrents_nodes from True to False. Change net.max_halfopen from 100 to 200. Change rss.update_interval from 15 t 20.

Setting uTorrent to NOT connect to duplicate ips (in advanced settings, bt.allow_same_ip set to TRUE)prevented qBT from making a 2nd (and probably more) connections to it, but did not prevent qBT from attempting to make a 2nd connection.

What happens if two users of the same VPN service have the same IP address and try to torrent off each other?