Hello all. I'm having difficulty in getting a 2nd laptop to connect to the internet vis the Fios wireless router. My girlfriend's Mac connets ok, as does the Squeezebox, but I cannot get my Windows XP laptop to connect to the internet no matter what I try. Here's the details. So i've got a c

My Dell computer all of sudden won't connect to the Internet via a wired connection. In fact, there isn't a network icon showing up in the task bar, If I go to the network connections page, I will be presented with a blank page (and the device manager page is blank, too). Feb 06, 2010 · XP Mode / Virtual PC + an older XP productivity program loaded/work flawlessly. However, I can't connect to the internet using either Internet Explorer v.8 or FireFox v.3.6. Screen message shows: "Unable to Connect to Server". Windows 7 connects to the internet via Explorer v.8 with no problem using a router DSL ethernet cable. Apr 12, 2016 · I had no internet access. Here are the steps I took to fix the issue. Because we don’t have internet or network access we would need to install guest additions to share files between the host computer and the guest OS, in this case Windows XP. To start click on Devices tab then click on Insert Guest Additions CD image… from the drop down menu.

Jul 31, 2007 · Now you want to click Remove so that Windows will erase any of the current settings for that network and will start from scratch. A lot of times when you refresh the list of networks again, Windows will automatically connect. Go ahead and click OK and then click on the wireless network icon in your taskbar and try to connect again.

Sep 27, 2009 · I can't connect to internet by using the VMWare Player. My host system is 64-bit Windows 7 RTM. And I installed the vmware player 2.5.2. The virtual system is the 32-bit Windows 7 RTM. But the virtual system can't connect to internet, the connect type is "NAT". I also try to use the other two mode, it also can't connect to internet. Does May 08, 2015 · Reply to: Windows XP SP3 Will Not Connect To Wireless Network PLEASE NOTE: Do not post advertisements, offensive materials, profanity, or personal attacks. Please remember to be considerate of

This is so weird. I've tried installing both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 7. Neither will connect to the internet. It says "unidentified network." My roommate has a near identical build to me running 32 bit Windows 7 and he connects just fine over the same router, although his motherboard is slightly newer.

I downloaded and tried winfix as instructed but still acnnot access the internet.I think I was affected by a visrus.I used Norton and malbytesware to remove it.My pc is now fine but the problem is I cannot connect to the internet.When I open the network area and go to view networks, I see nothing.I have reinstalled the networkadapter drivers Mar 18, 2013 · Also I have a few hard drives that work with this computer, with two being Windows XP, and one being Windows 7. All genuine of course. But yet the Windows 7 hard drive will connect to the internet but the two Windows XP's won't connect. And I didn't change the wire, the internet card or anything. All I changed were the hard drives. When running Windows XP on a networked machine, you need to configure your network connection. The following steps show how to configure your network connection on a Windows XP system: Choose Start→Control Panel to open the Control Panel. Double-click the Network Connections icon. The Network Connections folder appears. Right-click the connection that you want to … Apr 06, 2016 · Internet speed halved when streaming videos or music (MSI GE63 8RF) Solved! Enable internet connection: Laptop won't connect to internet after Windows 7 install: Solved! No internet on Nitro 5: Solved! WiFi Connected But No Internet Access in some location: Solved! Laptop won't connect to internet in one room, although other laptops will: Solved! Here is the link to the drivers for your machine. Make sure you use the drop down menu to select "Windows XP". Dell E510 Drivers. Install in this order; Chipset, Video (VGA), Audio, Onboard LAN, Modem (if one is installed), then any other devices you have connected. After that, go to Windows Update and get it updated.