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Apr 29, 2020 ip, your ifconfig alternative - Linux Forum - Spiceworks You can set an IP address for an interface using the ip addr add command. Unlike ifconfig, which sets it temporarily, doing it with the ip addr add command makes an actual configuration change. To set a static IP address, give the interface name and the IP address. As you may have guessed, you need root privileges to pull this off. wireless - wlan0 not showing up in ifconfig/iwconfig - Ask Also your on an HP notebook that was built to run Windows 10, you would need to live boot from a USB or CD, and try configuring your network adapter with ifconfig then, also your wireless network adapter might have a different name other than wlan0 (Kali configures this). Get WSL2 working on Windows 10. Learn how to install and Sep 06, 2019

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为什么Linux用ifconfig而Windows用ipconfig? - 知乎 IP:Internet Protocol(网络之间互连的协议) ipconfig:Internet Protocol Configuring(IP地址配置) ifconfig:Network Interfaces Configuring(网络接口配置) 光从英文单词可以看出有点差别,但其实都是对网络的配置。 如果说为什么Linux用ifconfig而Windows用ipconfig的话,一是Linux下任何皆文件,任何皆设备,网络接口更 10 Useful Windows Commands You Should Know

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