Sep 14, 2015

Protocol encryption (PE), message stream encryption (MSE) or protocol header encrypt (PHE) are related features of some peer-to-peer file-sharing clients, including BitTorrent clients.They attempt to enhance privacy and confidentiality. In addition, they attempt to make traffic harder to identify by third parties including internet service providers (ISPs). Synology hacked / all files encrypted .encrypt Aug 19, 2019 backup - Synology NAS (DS218+) and Full Disk Encryption I’m wondering, if there is a way to enable Whole Disk Encryption on a Synology NAS (in my case DS218+). Every topic regarding encryption on a Synology NAS addresses “Folder Encryption… How do I encrypt the data on a QNAP NAS? | QNAP May 17, 2013

Install a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on a Synology NAS

Sep 10, 2018 encryption - Synology Cloud Sync : How to read encrypted I own a Synology NAS which i synchronised with Google Drive using the 'Cloud Sync' feature. For security reasons, i used the Synology built-in feature to encrypt the files on the NAS before sending them to the cloud. However now, i can't read them in the cloud, much less use the bidirectionnal sync feature while keeping files encrypted.

Jul 09, 2019

Synology hacked / all files encrypted .encrypt Aug 19, 2019