Is it possible to send a magic packet over VPN tunnels

Is it possible to WOL via OpenVPN? Yes it is. Is there any way I can power on the PCs when tunnelling through OpenVPN? Yes, you've got following options: use OpenVPN in bridge mode (VPN & LAN share layer 2 segment, TAP device), forward UDP port 9 at your router from VPN side (when using VPN layer 3 subnet with TUN device), How to wake-on-LAN through VPN router - Super User How to wake-on-LAN through VPN router. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 3 months ago. Active 4 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 13k times 8. 2. I am working at home and want to wake a computer in the corporate network. I have a VPN connection from my Windows 7 PC to the ISA server that operates as RAS server. Wake-on-LAN is based on UDP/IP and should be 10 Ways To Remotely Turn On Your Computer Using Wake-on-LAN Wake-On-LAN Online. This webpage is able to send the required packet data to your computer over the internet. A useful feature is the scheduler that allows you to send the magic packet on a specific day and time up to a week in advance. Enter the external IP address and … How to Set Up and Use Wake-on-LAN Jul 13, 2020

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Wake on LAN through VPN Solutions | Experts Exchange May 09, 2012 WOL over IPSEC VPN : fortinet - reddit I don't think you can forward broadcast packets through a Dial-in VPN. I have gotten WoL to work over a site-to-site route-based VPN, but I don't think the VPN client is going to forward broadcasts over the VPN, regardless of how the Fortigate is configured. Might be easier to just leave a RPi on-net and just ssh into it to WoL when remote. R7000 WOL over VPN Step by Step (NO Forwarding, No 1, Firstly make sure WOL is working locally on your LAN, (Write down MAC address (es) of the Computers you want to wake up) 2, Set up VPN service on the router. (Allow Lan Access or both Internet and Lan, Get DDNS, it is free anyways), for details of this step, there are plenty help document and tutorials.