May 08, 2020

How to Connect Xbox 360 to Xbox Live Without a Router Select Test Xbox Live Connection. Troubleshooting Internet Connection Sharing issues. Solution 1: Make Sure Windows Internet Connection Sharing is set up correctly. If the Sharing tab is not displayed or, in Windows XP, you do not see the option Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection, one of the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Troubleshooting 8. On your charms bar, click Settings > Internet access. Right click VPN connection and click “Turning sharing On or Off.” 9. Click “Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices.” Upon following these steps, you should now have internet access on your device connected to your computer that’s essentially connected to the VPN client. Media Streaming may not work with Internet Connection

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Select the Sharing tab. Check the “Allow other network users to connect through the computer’s internet conection box” and the “Allow other users to control or disable the shared internet connection” boxes. Click OK. Next, connect to TorGuard VPN and verify your connection on the Whats my IP page. That is it! /r/XboxOne - The home of everything Xbox One on Reddit May 21, 2013

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Wireless Sharing, Xbox Live, LAN. - Windows 7 Help Forums Aug 16, 2010 My Internet Connection sharing (ICS) wont work to get on Jan 28, 2008 Xbox Live - Internet Connection Sharing on XP | Parallels